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Fort Casey State Park

Fort Casey State Park is a beautiful historic state park that people love to visit. Over 100 years ago the park was filled with young soldiers, officers, mechanics, and other staff. When you stand at the Admiralty Head lighthouse it is easy to imagine what those soldiers saw as they scanned the horizon.
The way that Fort Casey, Fort Worden, and Fort Flagler were placed along the Puget sound caused the trio to be known as the "Triangle of Fire". The Fort was constructed in the late 1800s and was equipped to defend the area. The fort was also home to a pair of 10-inch disappearing guns.
In the early 1900s when approvements were made to the warships and the advent of the planes actually made the two 10 inch guns obsolete. Two three-inch mounted guns were then added. The fort stayed open through WWII although by the 1920's they were no longer effective. The fort was decommissioned soon after the end of the war.
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The Admiralty Head Lighthouse sites just 127 feet above the waterway where the sound meets the Straight of Juan De Fuca. The original light station was built between 1859 and 1860. Although the original lighthouse was deemed to be inadequate by the project engineers the lighthouse was maintained up until then. The lighthouse was actually moved.
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The park is a 999-acre area that overlooks the water. For those that want to camp there are 10,810 feet of saltwater shoreline on the Puget Count. The park includes restrooms and picnic areas for the public. For those that are looking for some fun water activities guests of the park can go boating, diving at Keystone Underwater Dive Park, Saltwater fishing and more. There are also almost two miles of hiking trails for those that want to remain on the land.
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